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JJC Tripod

The jjc tripod is the perfect solution for those need to keep your camera in position while taking your photos. This wireless remote control camera tripod has a very small size compared to other brands and can be used with any canon camera. It can also be used with devices like the hg-100tbr and the blackfriday camera stand. The jjc tripod is a great addition to your collection and can help you take better photos.

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The jjc tripod is a perfect choice for those who love samsung lg sony htc asus smart phones. This fantastic piece of equipment can help you take video photos and captures with ease. Made from durable materials, this tripod is sure to do the job it is designed to do. Plus, the jjc tripod comes with a great features set that makes it a great choice for any video capture activity.
the jjc vct-vpr1 compact remote control tripod stand for sony zv-1 a7r iv a7 iii a7s is perfect for using with jjc vct-vpr1 cameras with quick-release filters. The tripod stand can be attached to a backseat or headrest with an adjustable strap. The tripod has a built-in finder that allows for simple creation of images with the camera.
this is a remote control mini tripod for the sony a6000 a6300 a6500 a6100 a6400 a6600. It works with minidct and stabilization.